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The Martha's Vineyard Medical Reserve Corps (MVMRC) is a local volunteer organization established in 2006 through a Federal, State, and local grants to respond to emergencies and assist with on-going public health needs by using and coordinating available community resources. In many emergency disaster situations, the potential need for medical response may be overwhelming. If local capabilities become exhausted, the MVMRC may be activated at the request of the town's emergency management coordinator. The corps also may serve the community by assisting with on-going public health needs identified by public health officials.

Why an MRC?

Being prepared to handle a large-scale emergency is a challenge for any community. A Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) assists its community to be truly prepared by enlisting its residents to mobilize quickly to minimize disability, death and emotional trauma resulting from an emergency.

The Purpose of an MRC

  • Draw health professionals into volunteer service
  • Create a framework to match volunteer skills with the community's needs
  • Train health professionals to respond appropriately to the needs of individual communities, thereby enhancing local emergency response efforts
  • Provide reserve capacity at the community level to respond to local health needs and priorities

Did you know...

Major local emergencies can overwhelm first responders, especially in the first 12-72 hours. Having citizens who are prepared to take care of themselves, first responders, families and others during crisis will allow first responders to focus their efforts on the most critical, life threatening situations.

An organized, well-trained Medical Reserve Corps means volunteers can effectively respond to an emergency, because they:

  • are familiar with their community's response plan.
  • know what materials are available for their use.


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